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Digitizing Parking

With two million parking spots across thousands of locations in the United States and Canada, SP+ Corporation is the largest parking facility company in North America. They reached out to Vokal to expand their overall customer reach through online booking.

We designed an innovative digital experience for Parking.com. The mobile-first website brings a variety of SP+ services to existing and new customers.

Here's how we positioned SP+ as the leader in online parking services:

A Modern Brand Built From The Ground Up

We designed an entirely new digital parking experience that is second to none.

Rich In Features And Substance

We brought Parking Basics and essential content to Parking.com to meet all customers’ needs.

The Route To Success

Our long-term plan, filled with innovative parking solutions, set Standard Parking on the path to continue their legacy.

Bringing Parking.com Up To Full Speed

  • SP+ envisioned their Parking.com domain as a portal for consumers. The existing website had a minimal feature set that didn’t meet industry standards.

  • We analyzed the current technical debt and built a transformative roadmap for Parking.com. To drive success, we created Parking Basics—a suite of essential feature attributes.

  • Our solutions stemmed directly from SP+ stakeholders, aligning with business goals and users’ needs. The Parking Basics suite includes location-based information, the ability to book spots ahead of time, and integrated payment processing.

Making Parking As Easy As Possible

Focusing On The Best Spot To Start

The interactive maps on Parking.com received more traffic than other areas of the site. Through site analysis and further research, we discovered the heavy traffic was due to a fundamental consumer viewpoint: Parking is a utility.

We focused sharply on offering a frictionless experience for booking parking online. SP+ individual city websites would make it as easy as possible for users to find and reserve parking.

With intuitive visuals, helpful directions, and a streamlined booking process, we established parking as a hassle-free utility on individual city websites. For the broader pages of Parking.com, we expanded the digital experience with supplemental content free of geographic restrictions.

Weaving Modern Aesthetics Into A Trusted Look

We defined a fresh brand persona and identity design language for the Parking.com app. To maintain familiarity, our palette initially drew from SP+ corporation's brand identity. We then made key aesthetic adjustments to appeal to millennials.

Not straying too far from our starting point, the new app would attract a new audience while pleasing stakeholders and remaining true to the SP+ family.

Transforming An Industry Giant Through The Lens Of Digital

Don't take our word for it. Here are a few of the reviews from the app stores.

"Easy to Use. Simple and straightforward. When I got to the garage, the attendant knew about the pass and let me right in to park. Thanks!"

"Great parking app. Nice job. It is very user friendly and I like the discounts offered."

"Easy to find parking. Great experience. Easy to find parking. Some locations have coupons and and some locations offer discounts too."

"Works really well. My new go to app for finding parking."


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