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Mira wanted a digital experience as beautiful and flawless as their stylish women’s fitness band. 

So that’s exactly what we did.

We inherited a digital product that didn’t live up to the expectations of the Mira brand. In under 12 weeks, we completely revamped their user experience on iOS and Android. And we implemented a new engineering platform that made the experience better.

Here’s what happened as the result of our work.

We doubled the number of completed registrations

  • Our first goal was to eliminate churn during registration. Customers were frustrated with the sign-up process. 
  • We implemented a seamless experience for users while still collecting the right data needed to complete registration.
  • The result: twice as many people completed the registration process. 

Customers were significantly happier and used the band for longer

We rolled up our sleeves and got to work

We focused on engineering excellence

A common complaint was poor Bluetooth connectivity between the band and the apps. This resulted in customers dropping usage of the band and the app. 

We took this issue to heart and revamped the engineering experience from the ground up. We implemented an engineering platform that allowed the band to remain connected to the apps at all times. 

We didn’t just guess that users were happier, we applied our analytics platform to see usage skyrocket after the fix was implemented. App reviews also reflected the new experience.

Leadership had real-time data to make executive decisions

Leaders originally had little information on how the bands were being used. Our contributions provided a real-time analytics dashboard with scores of information.

This data was used during team meetings which allowed the executive team and team members to visualize how their products are being used, and what actions the team can take to improve them.

Leaders were able to make better informed decisions and change the trajectory of growth for the products.

We were in a position to dig deep and understand what the numbers really meant. 

  • Keeping ’em coming: Mira had a history of high user acquisition, but retention was very low.
  • Drop it like it’s hot: High post installation drop off rates, low monthly active user rates

Here’s what customers said about the experience:

Useful and Stylish (Five Stars) 

“This gadget was simple to pair with my phone. Just install the app and then answer a few questions, such as your name and level of fitness, and the Mira is tracking your steps in no time. This is really simple to use.” 

This is motivating me to be more active (Five Stars)

“The app was very easy to set up and I love the inspirational tips and messages it provides.”  

Full-featured and perfect for the Michael Kors, Kate Spade fashion-conscious consumer

“A great thing is that it’s all set up from the app -- if you want to track steps or distance, you just pick that on the app and the Opal device starts giving you that as your default. The time is taken from your phone, so you don't have to set it. Setup is super easy. It takes your weight, height, etc. to calculate calories.”


Bringing it all together

By creating a platform for users to learn from their own behavior, we were able to give them a reason to return again and again to Mira for support and inspiration, keeping them motivated along their fitness journey.

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