Home improvement brand unlocks new revenue stream with a DTC model

With the pandemic inciting a home improvement fever, this global building materials and home improvement manufacturer had to decide fast if they would respond to new digital demand for their home products.

Should the brand sell DTC for the first time? And if so, how could they make it happen?

We worked with this manufacturer to get closer than ever to the customer. Using digital, we quickly discovered who their customer was, tested the DTC waters, validated demand, and created a GTM strategy that would open new digital channels—and drive significant sales.

Our quantitative digital testing answered all the pressing questions:

  • Who would be interested in buying their product direct? 
  • What products would they be most interested in? 
  • At what price? 
  • What channels could the brand use to reach these audiences? 
  • What messages would resonate best?
  • Which products would they be most interested in?

We opened up a new path to reach consumers

They had a formidable challenge.

This global building materials and home improvement manufacturer sold through all the traditional distribution channels. But the brand began to see direct-to-consumer companies eating their lunch. Consumers were buying everything from mattresses to cars online. 

This manufacturer’s challenge was to decide whether making a direct-to-consumer play was a smart move for a building materials brand—then build out a foolproof business case and technology infrastructure for adding it to their business model. 

And they needed to do it fast.


Real insights into the viability of a brand new sales channel

Using quantitative value proposition testing, we were able test and validate the products, value propositions, audience and channels most relevant to this brand's specific products. 

With real customers. 

(Which meant no more relying on slow-moving market research or anecdotes from distributors.) 

With data in hand, it was easy for our manufacturer to see that DTC was a more-than-viable sales channel to add into the mix. They were able to create a GTM strategy that laser-focused on their best customers, with products, messaging, prices and digital channels—that would drive significant sales.

Digital opened up a $21B market, margin growth, and revenue potential

This global manufacturer was the first-ever in its space to transform their traditional model and bring products DTC, opening up a brand-new market with brand new possibilities.

This digital go-to-market unlocked significant new revenue potential, allowing the company to grab a bigger chunk of the $21B market.

And by cutting out the middleman, the DTC model brought the brand’s margins to new heights.


We helped them get to market faster than ever before



Data-Driven Decisions for Sustainable Growth

The new digital, direct-to-consumer model is helping this home improvement business transform from a traditional analog manufacturing company, to an innovative, data-driven brand. With the right data and technology in place, they now have the opportunity to better communicate their brand and value, provide a better customer experience, and create a closer relationship with each customer.


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