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Robert Bosch GmbH, headquartered in Germany, with over 400,000 employees globally and $92B in yearly revenue, approached Vokal with a new automotive service concept they wanted to bring to the U.S. market for the first time.

We knew Bosch was looking to make a big impact, so we didn’t take it lightly.

We developed a strategy that allowed them to get an MVP out faster, and gain new insights into a brand new market.

We performed interviews, and connected with industry experts and technicians across the country. In just a few months, we developed prototypes and tested their viability. And we managed to uncover enlightening statistics for the executives and stakeholders.

Here’s how we delivered what Bosch needed.


From digital strategy to execution in 14 weeks

  • Situation: Specialized auto mechanics are experts on certain models, but they can’t perform adequate service on others.
  • The idea: during downtime, automotive technicians could respond to specific maintenance requests online. Video conferences, messaging, and job listings would be implemented through an app. Customers seeking auto services could find and communicate with the appropriate specialist.
  • The result: our click-through prototypes revealed the most effective ways to accommodate specialized mechanics.

We identified a new path to automotive innovation for Bosch in the U.S. market

We helped them get real insights into a brand new service line

We interviewed 30 people across 14 cities. Auto professionals shared how they normally perform routine repair work and solve perplexing problems. We incorporated their pain points during product concept creative sessions.

Car repair intervals are increasing, and general technicians seek more work. Senior-level specialists, even with 30-40 years of experience, often service only one or two automotive makes.

We synthesized our findings to determine what the MVP should be.


We helped them get to market faster than ever before

At first, there was no product. We utilized feature prioritization tools and techniques to support our user research.

Bosch wanted to foster a startup-like business unit within their automotive sector. We used a business model canvas to determine the best distribution channels, opportunities, and differentiators. 

We identified a new path to automotive innovation for Bosch in the U.S. market


We gained clear insights into the complex automotive industry and discovered the parallels between business operations and software development.


We showed Bosch precisely how the product would look and what it would do. 


We unveiled the most desirable and profitable features for the MVP app in the U.S. market.

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