Joe Call

Creative Director

Joe Call

Mean well, and do the right thing!

What drives you?

I’m driven to create, design, and produce meaningful things. Interactivity is a strong pull, in regards to the field I design within. The ability to bring to life your designs and give them character through people’s interactions is rewarding. The daily challenges and puzzles that are the problems we design for keep the work new and engaging. In a digital environment, imagination and creativity can break through barriers by which other mediums are constrained.

Who or what inspires you?

I believe inspiration comes from all around and everywhere. It’s funny how the most insignificant or just random moment can ignite or unblock things creatively. Music, soaking in other artists and designers’ work, being outside...As for people, I believe I am surrounded by talented and good people. They are my influences and peers that allow me to grow and develop my skills and talents. My parents were good mentors and teachers, showing me how to be the best me.

What’s something surprising about you?

I bring dog!

I care. 

If you won the Lottery: Travel

Favorite travel experience: Tough, but maybe Beijing, China.

Favorite Movie: Tough. Fight Club or King Pin I guess.

Most proud of: I am most proud of Bowser :)

If you could have any job: Well, as a kid, I had the idea that I could spend my life learning and doing one thing for a year, and do everything: race car driver, fireman, police officer, astronaut, construction worker, farmer...I was wrong. Today, I would say race car driver!

Spirit animal – My spirit animal is Bowser.