Britani Bonifazi


Britani Bonifazi

I am an intuitive observer. Life's happiness, for me, comes from collecting those unique information bubbles sent by the people around me. As the people and office guru, or office manager, I am constantly working to create a light and quirky environment where everyone feels comfortable and thought of. There's a lot you can learn about someone on a string cheese break!

What drives you?

After being in some pretty lackluster work environments, my primary goal was to find an office that ACTUALLY has fun. Vokal's website ensured I would be surrounded by intelligent and goofy people. Multiple years here and I am constantly inspired by these folks!

Who or what inspires you?

Living things inspire me. Whether it is the stranger I'm striking up a conversation with, the dog I can't help but gush over on the street, or the flowers growing in my apartment, I am constantly growing from these interactions. My very tight-knit family is perhaps my greatest inspiration. They have and continue to ground me in what actually matters. Having one's back, cramp-induced laughing, and green olive pizza.

If you could visit any period in time, when would it be and why?

It would be amazing to witness the complete switch in social norms and culture that occurred in the 60s. To be a part of that change must have felt monumental. Not to mention, the fashion and music were groundbreaking, to say the least. Gimme those oldies!