Austin Sheaffer

VP of Operations

Austin Sheaffer

Running operations at Vokal consists of many challenges, but none bigger than trying to figure out which Slack channels I should subscribe to. There are just so many. How on earth does an organization our size have so much to talk about?

What drives you?

Originally on a path towards medical school, I steered my ship away at the last possible second to avoid violently ramming into the rocky, landmine-laden shore that is a career in medicine. Finance and I then just sort of happened upon each other, and I've been teaching myself to do it ever since. My drive stems from being part of a growing company that constantly challenges me to get better, or sink into the ever-expanding ocean ahead.

I don't actually own a boat. That's a metaphor.

Who or what inspires you?

The late Onion opinion columnist, Herbert "H-Dog" Kornfeld. An icon in accounts receivable, a father, and above all, a top-shelf employee. He was the template from which I draw my own life. For me, his last words ring the truest, and provide the fuel I need to give everything I have day in and day out: "It wuz always 'bout tha numbahs."

What’s something surprising about you?

I once made it on the front page of ESPN. When Illinois upset #1 Ohio State in football in 2008, the players ran to the small group of us who had traveled with and scaled the wall to join us. I found myself right in the middle.

Having reached the pinnacle of sports media recognition, I gave up playing sports and crossed that item off my bucket list. The view is nice from the top.