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Web Engineer w/Angular Expertise

The team at Vokal is hiring product-minded software engineers looking to apply their knowledge of the industry to a wide variety of technology and business challenges.  At Vokal we know that software only comes together if everyone works as a team, and we strive to share both ownership and accolades. Our engineers, designers, and product managers collaborate to bring metric-driven solutions to clients looking for expertise and execution.

As a client-focused business, Vokal’s staffing model is built to be flexible.  We have a stable of full-time staff, but also work with contractors when needs arise.  A contract-to-hire structure allows us and prospective full-time employees the time to feel out the relationship and move forward confidently if the fit is right.

Vokal’s engineering discipline is comprised of a wide variety of platform specialists and experience levels.  Seasoned technologists often head up the engineering effort on projects as sole representatives, but more junior team members can team up with mentors that provide guidance and structure to help them learn and move forward in their careers.

A Vokal software engineer should:

  • Seek out new knowledge proactively, be it about their chosen discipline, wider-reaching trends in technology, or how other players in the market are innovating
  • Act on what they learn, trying out new methods and concepts themselves so they’re prepared to utilize them on project work when the time comes
  • Be product-minded in their approach to executing on work, prioritizing a client’s business needs and representing Vokal as a professional and equally-invested party
  • Consider their and Vokal’s place in the competitive agency market, and push to refine their work and methods to set themselves apart from the crowd

The Fundamentals

Web Engineers at Vokal are expected to be fluent in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and prepared to write and debug with them across a variety of modern (and occasionally not-so-modern) browsers and devices.  These are the foundational skills that should underpin any additional framework or library-specific expertise.

We look for Web Engineers who:

  • Understand their own capacity for work, and can reasonably estimate and chunk out effort
  • Can work with designers and product managers to find the appropriate intersection between time, budget, and software fidelity for projects
  • Are excited to enable design ambitions, but know when to suggest the use of existing technologies to quickly get to market
  • Are well-versed in the tenets of responsive design, using breakpoints and fluid layouts to accomodate any window size, not just the most popular ones
  • Can talk for hours about HTML semantics, HTTP error codes, and REST API nomenclature
  • Have shipped software using one or more of the leading client-side JavaScript frameworks or libraries, most notably Angular or React
  • Have experience or interest in hybrid mobile web technologies including React Native or NativeScript
  • Know what Node.js is all about, and have at least toyed with it in the past
  • Want to give back to the community, be it via open source code or contribution to technical blogs

The Expertise

Hiring at Vokal is often spurred on by new work in the pipeline, and when we know that a project will require a specific set of skills we emphasize those during the interview process.

In this case we’re specifically looking for Web Engineers that are confident with Angular, and using it to hit the ground running as part of an integrated client-managed team.  Experience with Microsoft tools and services like Azure, Power BI, and Active Directory is a plus.

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