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  • Transform Your Brand Through Customer Buy-In: 4 Things You Need To Know

    June 18, 2019

    Smartphones have ushered in an unprecedented level of closeness between customers and companies. This continuous connection has increased our time spent online exponentially and has broadened the number of devices we use through which brands can connect with us. This means companies can suddenly reach us at anytime and pretty much anywhere. Combined with the considerable amount of consumer data available, it seems as though the line in the sand between our selves and the companies who want access has all but disappeared.

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  • A Culture That Fits

    September 26, 2015

    A challenge that every software company faces is striking the balance between staying relevant and staying productive. Software is aggressively evolving; it seems that every day there is a new tool, framework, API, or version of software trending on Y-News, and staying apprised of these evolutions is essential to success. If you fall behind, you run the risk of losing business to a more advanced competitor. In addition, without constant vigilance you may well expose your users to security vulnerabilities. Both outcomes are inevitable, and it is a company’s responsibility to adapt.


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  • Why Software Fixes Can Create New Bugs and How We Deal With Them

    July 03, 2015

    Bugs exist in many different forms, even outside of software. Consider a structural engineer tasked with building a bridge. Calculations need to be made early on, before construction of the bridge begins, to determine what the weight limits of the bridge will be and to ensure it will not become a victim to aeroelastic flutter. Failure to identify these issues early on can (and will) result in a “buggy” bridge that is prone to collapse. A structural engineer building a bridge will begin with blueprints that allow him/her to assess any potential problems early on. It’s obviously much easier to tweak a drawing than a bridge that is already built.

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