Vokal Toasts to the Old, the New and Each Other!

The holidays are always a great time of year to reflect on accomplishments, key learnings, and the challenges and opportunities ahead.  At Vokal, we do that too, but sometimes it’s equally important to focus on “us” and have fun with each other.  

Santa would agree that the diverse and crazy talented girls and boys of Vokal have been especially “nice” this year, and we all deserved a little time to let loose…and that’s exactly what we did.

We chose the Bedford as the backdrop for our annual holiday party.  As a venue, it well represents our collective love and appreciation for the past and future.  We enjoy the ode to vintage when it comes to the way we like our cocktails, let's say a Manhattan or dirty martini, yet try the newest craft beer…because, you know, we’re cool. 

Vokalites, friends, family and even board members partook in various forms of merriment at the party, including the consumption of plenty of cocktails, a large amount of finger foods and a fair share of dancing.  But, not surprising at all, the big hit of the night was the SmileBooth – goofy props and all.   

The holiday party was the perfect excuse to celebrate an amazing group of people that certainly work hard and play harder.

Happy Holidays to all from the Vokal team!