VOKAL Hack Days: Sales Process Punch Up

Mobile agencies face a major challenge when it comes to creating an effective business development / sales process that optimizes for both win-rate and customer acquisition cost in our nascent industry. Choose any handful of agencies to compare, and you are sure to find drastically different approaches. Some invest a substantial amount of time (and resources) upfront developing concepts & strategic direction for clients to win business. Others charge from the start to gain buy-in from the client-side in an effort to break even if the business doesn't come through. Yet another group of agencies may just pitch on experience, process, and provide a quote to lock down business with little investment from either side before the project kicks off.

During Hack Days, our Business Development and Sales Team tackled a feedback tool that will enable us to gauge how prospective clients perceive our sales process, enabling us to continuously improve and therefore increase our win-rate. In addition, we will have the data to gauge the brand image we are conveying to potential customers and compare that to the image we aim to convey. Finally, we will take what we learn and create an internal system to apply known decision criteria of different types of clients that are considering a mobile or digital agency as a partner to better fulfill their needs.

We can't wait to analyze the results and build our data-driven sales process for all new business opportunities.