Mobile Processing Conference 2011

We are excited to announce that Vokal will be sponsoring the 2011 Mobile Processing Conference. The Mobile Processing Conference is a yearly conference hosted by the UIC Innovation Center in support of Chicago's creative and development communities. The 2011 conference, held from November 11-13, 2011, will focus on the Android and JavaScript modes of Processing 2.0.

Mobile Processing brings together internationally recognized innovators from the open source software community, startup companies, students, and scholars, from areas such as Art and Design, Computer Science, Communication, and Information Sciences. The 2nd edition features a series of lectures, workshops, and presentations, all free and open to the public (workshops require prior registration). Keynote speaker Ben Fry, winner of the 2011 National Cooper-Hewitt Design Award, will present the first release of Processing 2.0, and its new modes now targeting Android devices and JavaScript-powered web apps.

Registration is free and can be done here:

Conference location (map):
1240 W Harrison St
Chicago, Illinois 60607

We look forward to seeing you there!