Lunch & Learn: Time Divisible

Once or twice a month, Vokal hosts an internal Lunch & Learn where any member of the team can take the opportunity to inform their peers on a specific practice, technique, tool, experience, event, ...anything really!

Jarrett Widman, Senior Web Engineer, took the time to discuss... well, time!

Jarrett gave a talk on the history of how we keep track of time. Starting from the Roman calendar, he touched on the evolution to the Julian and Gregorian calendar. He then discussed the more modern issues of daylight savings time, UTC, UNIX timestamps and leap seconds. The history and modern measurements were related to the timing of lunar and solar orbits.

Jarrett concluded that even the little complexities of time, as we know it, can have considerable effects on web development when tracking and displaying time faithfully.

If you're curious, more information is in the Slide Deck.