Lunch & Learn: Practical SSL

At VOKAL, we like to insert a little wisdom to compliment our weekly lunches. Our Lunch & Learn is one such opportunity. At least once a month, a fellow VOKALite may share a discovery, researched topic, practice or skill to inform the rest of the team. Presentations often end in a lively discussion of the topic.

In a recent Lunch & Learn, Web Engineer at VOKAL, Jarrett Widman, discussed how SSL/TLS is used in practice. Jarrett started out by covering what SSL is designed to do, providing authentication, integrity and encryption. He then explained how CSR's and verification are the major components of the purchase/signing process. He went on to expand on certification installation, what certificate stores are and where they come from as it relates to certificate authorities.

Jarrett then discussed how certificates could be more easily used at VOKAL by taking advantage of wildcards, different validation methods, renewals, and maintaining the easiest install and renewal processes with clients. Heartbleed was provided as a timely example of why reissue and revocation are sometimes necessary. Later discussion from fellow VOKALites about Comodo-gate reitereated this point.