Installing an Ad Hoc Distribution on your iOS device (.ipa)

.zip or .ipa? These directions are best practices for using a .ipa file. If you would like to use a .zip file instead you might find these instructions a little more useful.

You will need:

  • The application .ipa file example:
  • The .mobileprovision file for the application example: Ad_Hoc_Distribution_Profile.mobileprovision
  • The Device: the iPhone/iPod touch/iPad associated with the UDID being used
  • The computer you normally sync with your Device

Your distributor will most likely send the .ipa and .mobileprovision files to you via email.

Installing the Application

  1. If not already done so, download the .ipa and .mobileprovision files to your machine and keep them some place handy like your desktop.
  2. PC: Drag-and-drop the .ipa and .mobileprovision file onto Library, Applications in iTunes. MAC: Drag the .ipa and .mobileprovision file to the iTunes icon in your dock. 
  3. Make sure the application shows up in LibraryApplications. Dont panic, the icon is supposed to look like that. 
  4. In iTunes, select your Device from the side bar then head over to the Application tab for your device. Double check to make sure the new app is checked. 
  5. Sync your Device and BOOM! Enjoy your new app.