A Culture of Experience

At Vokal, we encourage and support time away from the office knowing the positive impact that vacations - whether a day at home or time abroad - can have on your wellbeing.

As the head of Human Resources at Vokal my main concern is that everyone is able to achieve not only their professional goals but also their personal pursuits beyond our office doors. One of the ways that we ensure this work - life balance is through our view on paid time off. Taking time off has been shown to be better both for the employees (with increased productivity, creativity and health benefits), as well as for the employer.

Not only does taking time away from work inspire a more productive return, but it also allows individuals time to gain new experiences. With each new adventure an individual attains a wider view of the world and expand their knowledge and experience. These experiences can be brought back into work and inspire a new way to think about and approach problems. In a creative work culture, such as the one we foster at Vokal, having newly inspired and productive individuals is vital to churning out amazing products.

I myself love utilizing the flexibility that unlimited paid time off has to offer. This year alone I have rediscovered my passion for the great outdoors with multiple trips backpacking, camping and learning how to fly fish. After each trip I came back to work feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the next set of challenges. This feeling is best described in a quote by John Muir in Our National Parks:

Allie in Montana

“Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves.”

Other Vokal team members have enjoyed amazing trips of their own. We asked everyone to share their own adventures from this summer and their thoughts on the vacation policy here at Vokal.

Joe and Kremi at John Lennon Wall

Joe Call - John Lennon Wall, Prague

“Vokal’s policy on vacation and flexible hours offers me the ability to manage my own goals, commitments, and responsibilities. I am able to create a schedule which allows me to complete my work and plan for the random trips that arise throughout life. The way a work-life balance coexists is important to me and sometimes it’s one in the same. =)”

Blake in Hawaii

Blake Kurinsky - Na Pali Coast, Hawaii

“The Kalalua Trail is an 11 mile coastal switchback trail along the Na Pali Coast on the island of Kauai in Hawaii. The goal was to reach the end of the trail and camp at Kalalau Beach for a week. There was a lot of pre-trip planning - packing the right equipment, food, and clothes to sustain yourself for 7+ days in the wild.

Returning from trips like these, I walk into the office with a new perspective. The change in routine, scenery, and surroundings allow me to frame issues and opportunities in new light. Tasks that previously seemed overwhelming or impossible are now approachable and enjoyable. Planning for, taking on, and overcoming challenges outside the office directly relate to solving real problems back at your desk.”

Erin and Amy in England

Erin Mays - London, England

“When I was interviewing here and asked about the unlimited PTO policy, the answer I got was pretty cool: we want to treat people like mature adults who have lives, and who can be counted on to do the 'life' stuff they need to do while still getting their work done. I was able to take two weeks to go on a trip full of some amazing experiences without sacrificing the 'life' stuff like doctor's appointments and taking a few days off around the holidays.”

Vokal is a company full of many passionate people that love to broaden their experiences. We believe the ability to do what you love, whether in the office or across the world, is a vital part of both professional and personal development. It inspires us as Vokal team members to come into work ready to be creative. We hope it will inspire others with similar passions to explore and learn alongside us.